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The Woodcutter's Axe In Tales of Panchatantra Hindi Story For Kids

The Woodcutter's Axe In Tales of Panchatantra Hindi Story For Kids
Once there lived a poor woodcutter. He used to cut trees in the woods. One day he was cutting wood on the bank of a river. His axe fell down into the river. The river was deep. He could not take his axe out. He sat on the bank and began to weep.

Mercury, the god of water appeared. He asked the reason of his weeping. The woodcutter told the whole story. Mercury dived into the water and brought a golden axe. The woodcutter refused to take it. Mercury again dived and brought a silver axe. The woodcutter did not take it either. Then he brought an iron axe. The woodcutter took it gladly. Mercury was much pleased. He rewarded the woodcutter with the other two axes.


Tales & Tales Chal Bhai Kaddu Hindi Story For Kids

An interesting story about an old lady in Hindi.


What Do You Wear?

Basic clothers that we wear and introduction to clothes like cotton, wool and raincoat along with a mention of seasons when worn.

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Motapa Ka Ilaaj' Nuskha Aur Diet Chart By Arshad

Nani Ke Nuskhe - Green Vegetables
Home remedies or medicines made at home cure naturally without any side effects.

Delivery Ke Baad Ki Kamzoori Ke Lie Halwa (Kamar Dard Aur Timing Ke Lie)...

Ingredients For Kamar Kass Ka Halwa..
Wheat Flour (Aata) 500 g
Almonds 500 g
Desi Ghee 1 Kg
Gur 500 g
Dry Coconut 125 g
Green Raisins 125 g
Char Maghaz 125 g
Kamar Kass 30 g
Tajj 30 g
Bhata 30 g
Teeli Supari 30 g

Losing Weight After Pregnancy - Weight Loss After Pregnancy

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